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Legal marketers resources

Our resources are built around six core discussion themes which encompass every aspect of a legal marketers job – regardless of firm size or geographical reach. If you have been doing the same thing month after month, check in with our community for fresh and alternative ideas.

Business Development

Business Development drives new business and increased revenue for the firm through lead generation, client outreach, lawyer training, and market and sector intelligence.


Communications involves creating and implementing internal and external messaging strategies to build confidence in the firm's expertise and brand recognition.

Business of Law

Business of Law encompasses the operations side of running a firm and includes analyzing the firm financials and operational efficiency, and maximizing practice performance.

Leadership & Training

Leadership & Training creates a functional marketing organization through people and processes that foster collaboration and drive overall business objectives.

Client Services

Client Services consist of best practices we can use to provide value to our lawyers and clients, including project management, client development, and process improvement.

Technology & Systems

Technology & Systems includes identification, implementation, and management of the technologies and solutions that support the firm's operational and strategic goals.

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