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What is the BD Roundtable?

We are an online community of legal business developers and marketers from around the world sharing and helping each other to connect, learn and grow together.


Our community is the heart of the BD Roundtable where you can ask Q&As, share ideas and learn together with a group of smart business development professionals.

Training & Videos

Skip the trial and error and learn what works with people who can help. We discuss all the important issues facing the legal industry and walk you through how to implement change in your firm.

Resources & Tools

Pulling the best information from our community, our resource archive provides you tried and tested tools that get the job done faster without the guesswork and hunting.

Promoting Value Pricing: How to handle pushback
10 Proven steps for optimizing law firm practice pages
Google Ads: a step-by-step walk through for beginners
Busting Legal Tech Myths
Improving your email marketing with A/B testing and other tips
Improving Website Speed: Easy Tips & Tools for law firms
The future of law firm CRM & Social Media
Comunicar para convertir: Redes sociales y abogados
Improving the Client Experience
Using Imagery to Differentiate your Law Firm
Easy ways to getting started with outbound BD for law firms
When is the right time to build a new website?
How to successfully appoint PR agencies for law firms
Video content production: a beginners guide for law firms
Optimizing your digital presence: effective strategies for law firms
Implementar una estrategia de precios basada en el valor (Value-based Pricing)
Crushing it on LinkedIn: Examples of lawyers doing it right
10 Questions to ask legal tech vendors
Introduction to link building: Strategies for Law Firms
Networking in the digital age
A practical guide to upskilling while working from home
Branding Essentials for Law Firms
Content Creation & Repurposing: Top tips and strategies for law firms
Law Firm Landing Pages: Generating higher quality leads
Legal Directory/Networks Blacklist
4 Frameworks Law Firms use to Map Client Industries
Taking Referrals Seriously: Tips & Lessons Learned for Law Firms
Getting ready for Google's next big algorithm change
Running Engaging Training Sessions for Lawyers
Law Firm Lead Generation: How to optimize your writing for SEO
Law firm pricing strategies: Transitioning to value-based pricing
Podcasting for Law Firms: A how-to guide and lessons learned
Justifying your Firm’s Pricing: How to demonstrate your value
The Power of Plain Language - Training Session
LinkedIn for Law Firms - How to generate new clients
SEO Primer for Law Firms
Top 3 techniques for asking better client questions
Growth & Loyalty: Establishing a key client program for law firms
Law firm credentials management: preparing proposals faster
Data Driven BD Functions for Law Firms
Automating Workflows
Increasing law firm revenues with client review meetings
Digital Marketing Strategies for Law Firms
BD & Marketing Skill Sets: Building an essential law firm team
A behind the scenes look at legal directory submissions
How to get meetings with your clients and prospects
Client or Customer? Using data to build long term client relationships
Law Firm Lead Generation
Hosting a paid webinar for your law firm
Unique Client Touchpoints
Tools & Software
LinkedIn Profiles for Legal Marketers
Legal Directory Submissions
Kick-off Meeting
Keysearch: Keyword research on a budget
Law Firm Pitching Tips & Best Practices
NEXL: No-data entry CRM system
Branding Refresh: Tips & Lessons Learned
How to Promote Diversity & Inclusion
Improving Proactivity: Practical Tips for BD Teams
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Will Eke
Lorena Borgo
Carl White
Zac Robinson
Neha Kashyap
Marcus Ahmad
Robin van Keeken
Robert Cristobal
Ankit Jindal
José Baquero
Karin Schmollgruber
Tyler Bain
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Leor Franks
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By the numbers

Local communities with global connections

Our communities are built around local groups participating in live events and discussion. While getting to know your peers close to home you can build your global network to learn best practices from around the world.

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What do we talk about?

Our resources are built around six core discussion themes which encompass every aspect of a legal marketers job – regardless of firm size or geographical reach. If you have been doing the same thing month after month, check in with our community for fresh and alternative ideas.

Business Development

Business Development drives new business and increased revenue for the firm through lead generation, client outreach, lawyer training, and market and sector intelligence.

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Business of Law

Business of Law encompasses the operations side of running a firm and includes analyzing the firm financials and operational efficiency, and maximizing practice performance.

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Client Services

Client Services consist of best practices we can use to provide value to our lawyers and clients, including project management, client development, and process improvement.

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Communications involves creating and implementing internal and external messaging strategies to build confidence in the firm's expertise and brand recognition.

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Leadership & Training

Leadership & Training creates a functional marketing organization through people and processes that foster collaboration and drive overall business objectives.

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Technology & Systems

Our community is the heart of the BD Roundtable where you can ask Q&As, share ideas and learn together with a group of smart business development professionals.

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