A practical guide to upskilling while working from home

We spoke with Leor Franks about developing your skills and personal brand during the pandemic. We cover different frameworks to identify your needs, planning strategies, allocating time, and new trends and tech in the world of virtual learning. Leor Franks has led BD and marketing teams in professional service firms for 20 years.

He has been in Director roles at Deloitte and EY, Managing Director of MarComs at FTI Consulting and CMO at legal services firm Augusta. He also chairs the marketing group for professional services industry body Managing Partners Forum and sits on the board of the business school at QMUL.

Interview Covers:

  • 00:00​ Introductions
  • 01:46​ Identifying needs – GSOT Framework
  • 03:57​ Planning Strategies – Favourability Journey
  • 09:47​ New ways of upskilling
  • 12:26​ Allocating time for education
  • 13:36​ Employers providing training time
  • 16:41​ Trends in training and new tech

Connect with Leor on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/leorfranks/