Crushing it on LinkedIn: Examples of lawyers doing it right

We spoke with Karin Schmollgruber to share with us some real-world examples of lawyers who are crushing it on LinkedIn. We broke down the strategies that make their profiles stand out, how they drive engagement, and how you can use these examples to entice your lawyers to follow suit.

Karin is a law graduate turned professional marketing strategist with over 20 years of experience. She is the founder of Legado Consulting where she advises professional services firms on marketing, PR, and business development.

Interview Covers

  • Linkedin for lead generation
  • Death of company pages
  • How to get lawyers to use LinkedIn
  • Samples of 4 great lawyer profiles
  • Creating content and building brand (note from James d’Apice)
  • Sample video – Coffee and a Case Note by James d’Apice
  • Final tips for lawyers

Roundtable Session Covers

  • What types of content to post
  • How many followers do you need?
  • Understanding the algorithm
  • How lawyers can share legal updates
  • 5 types of posts
  • Saving time by batching posts
  • Photos and stand alone content
  • What does view count actually mean?
  • Are groups worth the time?
  • Why you should never share posts
  • Upcoming new features to watch out for

Profiles featured in this session include: