Paul Evans

Managing Director
Toro Digital
Expertise in
Digital Marketing
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Paul helps marketing teams and lawyers at law firms create powerful digital marketing - and have been doing so for more than 10 years.

Prior to forming Toro Digital, he worked as a MarketingManager in some of Australia’s fastest-growing commercial law firms. Today, he helps marketing teams and partners:

·     develop innovative digital marketing strategies that complement and support their existing marketing, communications & BD plans and activities

·     implement digital marketing tactics in their firms that help position individuals and teams as thought leaders, and create new relationships

·     provide support and resources (both people and systems) to make things happen on a project or on-going basis

Over the years, he also trained countless lawyers on relationship marketing and business development, selecting an industry specialization - and of course, using digital marketing to add value to theirexisting network and attract new clients.


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