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Simon is the founder of TBD Marketing, a marketing agency for law firms which covers everything from strategy to delivery, PR and communications, marketing and digital marketing, business development to key accounts.

TBD Marketing is all about developing people, delivering profile and driving profit.

For smaller law firms, Simon acts as a virtual CMO, advising on how founders can grow their business. Many clients ask to design a marketing plan and execute it too. That way, it's not just a plan gathering dust, but a series of actions that help take your business forward. Simon draws on a group of experts to help deliver some aspects of this work so that you get the best possible execution for your money.

For larger firms, Simon also runs The Digital 100, a way of law firms improving their digital marketing. The #Digital100 is a service that provides a quarterly benchmarking report for the industry so you know how you're doing compared to competitor firms, it also provides monthly analytics reports for your firm, and daily website rankings. Every single firm that has worked with us has improved their digital marketing rankings.


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