Law Firm Pitching Tips & Best Practices

We spoke with Neha Kashyap about law firm pitching tips and best practices. In this session, we explore how the pitching process has evolved, the right way to position your firm to clients, and how the BD department can help lawyers increase their win rates.

With over a decade of experience in the legal professional services industry, Neha specializes in strategic business development. She thrives on delivering innovative BD, marketing, communications, and training initiatives that build a profile, deepen relationships and generate profitable revenues. From working as in-house BD head of a top-tier firm in India to running her own enterprise The Grey Matter, Neha has come a long way.

Interview Covers

  • RFPs and how to approach them
  • Change in RFPs and how firms are adapting
  • Top tips for preparing a proposal
  • Differences in pitching in a firm vs an agency
  • Gender issues in BD

Roundtable Session Covers

  • Getting lawyers to use innovative fee structures
  • How to reach out to clients for work
  • LinkedIn and virtual networking
  • Pitching structures/outlines
  • Official engagement procedure and onboarding
  • Technology and systems for managing credentials
  • One big client vs multiple smaller clients

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