Networking in the digital age

We spoke with Itzik Amiel about how to effectively network in the digital age. We’ll cover tips on how to make more meaningful connections and how BD teams can pass on these skills to their lawyers.

Itzik is a renowned networking and professional branding authority. He is the Vice-chair, law firm management committee, Business Development & Marketing subcommittee at the International Bar Association (IBA) and author of The Attention Switch and founder of The SWITCH Hub, a collaborative online global professionals hub to connect professionals to clients and referrals. Learn more at

The discussion covers:

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 05:48 Hating networking
  • 08:27 Finding useful connections
  • 11:15 Scanning the room
  • 13:28 Planned vs serendipity networking
  • 19:22 Importance of online networking
  • 27:12 Building your internal networks
  • 30:38 Offline vs online networking
  • 36:15 Helping lawyers with networking
  • 41:29 Doing your homework
  • 46:00 The likability factor to relationships
  • 49:40 Maintaining relationships

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