June 8, 2021

Standardizing the Legal Directory Submission Form

Standardizing the Legal Directory Submission Form

It is well known that legal directory ranking and award submissions take a significant time to prepare. A typical firm will spend over one week to prepare, review, and submit a single submission. With firms submitting to multiple directories a year, this adds up to a substantial investment in time and resources.

The biggest issue with submissions is not preparing the information, but that each directory has a unique submission template. And yet, they all ask for essentially the same information.

This petition is for legal directories to establish a standardized ranking submission form that can be used by any firm for any legal directory ranking. Doing so will result in better submissions, more accurate research, and happier firms and researchers.

Should legal directory publications not adopt a standard form, then we will get the biggest firms to come together and adopt a submission form of our own to send to researchers.

Far too much time and effort have been wasted already. Let's get this done once and for all.

Click the link below to sign the petition and share it with anyone you think would be interested.