September 21, 2021
Business Development

Easy ways to getting started with outbound BD for law firms

We spoke with Robin van Keeken about how he started doing outbound business development for his firm, what challenges he’s faced, and his tips to help you get started generating leads and bringing in new work.

Robin is the Business Development Manager at Buren N.V., an internationally oriented corporate law firm with offices in Amsterdam, Beijing, The Hague, Luxembourg and Shanghai and has a diversified business practice.

Interview Covers

  • Defining outbound BD vs marketing
  • First steps into outbound BD
  • Understanding existing client demographics
  • How to identify potential clients
  • Easing into calling companies
  • Following through and booking meetings
  • Keeping up momentum and KPIs

Roundtable Session Covers

  • Technologies to use
  • Outreach to existing clients
  • Sourcing tenders and bids
  • Lawyers doing BD
  • Where to search for clients
  • Power dynamic issues
  • Monetary incentives for sales roles
  • Advice for starting outbound BD
  • Dealing with bar restrictions on cold calling
  • Referral strategies