October 13, 2020
Technology & Systems

Getting ready for Google's next big algorithm change

We spoke with David Sayce, Director at Paper Gecko about Google’s upcoming Web Vitals changes and what firms need to do to get ready for them. David is a leading expert on SEO and on website audits. He uses data and 20 years’ experience to join up your digital marketing efforts.

Discussion Content:

  • Page one click through rates vs page two
  • Why Google rankings are important now
  • Digital transformation in law firms
  • What are web vitals?
  • Interactivity
  • Loading
  • Visual stability
  • Impact on professional service firms

Q&A Discussion:

  • What BD teams need to understand
  • How to review script loading
  • Google Search console
  • Other structured data we can use
  • Voice searching
  • User intent and drafting content
  • Free keyword searching tools
  • Handling multilingual sites
  • Wix vs Wordpress and SEO