August 4, 2021

How to successfully appoint PR agencies for law firms

Appointing a PR agency can represent a significant investment for a firm, and ensuring it is a successful relationship will involve time, effort and energy from both parties.

We spoke with Matt Baldwin about ‘how to successfully appoint a PR agency and how to make a success of the relationship when you have’. This discussion explores the questions a firm should ask itself when looking to appoint an external PR agency, the questions they should be asking proposed agencies, and best practice in making that relationship work.

Matt is a specialist in PR strategy, media relations, crisis management and marketing communications. For the past 20 years Matt has worked with the legal profession - a period that has seen dramatic change and consolidation. He has held senior in-house communications and business development roles in some of the country's largest law firms, before establishing Coast with his partner in 2003.

Interview covers

  • Why do law firms work for external PR agencies?
  • What prompts a firm to use a PR agency?
  • The briefing process
  • Hiring a PR agency
  • The onboarding process
  • Follow through and maintaining activity levels
  • Ideal contract lengths
  • What to do if things don't work out?