July 21, 2020
Business Development

Law firm credentials management: preparing proposals faster

We spoke with Amy Burton-Bradley, Consulting Director and Partner, Julian Midwinter & Associates about how we can better collect, manage, and select credentials for our proposals. With over 15 years of experience, Amy is an expert in tenders, proposals and pitches for professional services companies.

Discussion Content:

  • Structuring and maintaining a bids library
  • Tagging bids and credentials
  • Useful file naming conventions
  • Parts of a bid library
  • BD teams understanding flagship deals
  • Questions to ask partners when starting a proposal
  • What to include in a proposal
  • What to leave out of a proposal

Q&A Session Content:

  • How to stay inspired
  • Software solutions
  • Writing deal descriptions
  • CVs best practices
  • Structuring multi-office proposals

Other useful proposals resources from Julian Midwinter

  • Everything you need to know before you establish a bid and proposal content library
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  • 11 quick tips to improve the quality of your proposals
  • How to interview subject matter experts at tender time
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  • Nothing is so complex that it cannot be explained simply