September 22, 2020
Business Development

Law Firm Lead Generation: How to optimize your writing for SEO

We spoke with Jason Cooney about the most important strategies you can use to optimize your writing for SEO to increase lead generation. We will cover everything from how to do keyword research, tips for structuring content to keep readers on the page, and how to collaborate on content with your lawyers.

Jason is the founder of Tsaks Consulting, a UK-based bid, tender, PQQ and proposal writing services. Jason helps companies craft their messaging to help win more work.

Interview Covers

  • What SEO means for law firms
  • What to do before writing
  • Helping lawyers write for SEO
  • Practice groups differences
  • How to structure content
  • Creating detailed templates
  • Where to put calls to action
  • Dealing with salesy content

Roundtable Session Covers

  • Recycling and updating content 
  • SEO for multilanguage sites
  • Search engines
  • Doing competitor research
  • Backend tips (snippets, alt text, etc)