June 26, 2020

Optimizing your digital presence: effective strategies for law firms

We spoke with Ankit Jindal about effective strategies to optimize the digital presence of law firms. In this session, we explored strategies that are effective during pandemic times to optimize the digital presence of law firms.

Ankit has been working in the field of management and legal marketing for over six years. He has been instrumental in providing solutions to law firms, legal practitioners, and in-house counsels and has strategically handled the task of maintaining online & offline visibility and reputation.

Interview Covers

  • How the pandemic has forced firms to adapt
  • How to start building a digital strategy
  • Optimizing your website
  • Social media and content optimization

Roundtable Session Covers

  • Steps for brand building
  • Better ways to share content on LinkedIn
  • Talking about social issues on social media
  • Planning content for holidays and social issues
  • Preparing marketing plans
  • Benefits to recruitment
  • Social media tools/technology
  • Protecting brand identity online