February 20, 2022
Business Development

Promoting Value Pricing: How to handle pushback

In this engaging session, Shaun Jardine shares his insights on value-based pricing, emphasizing the importance of moving away from hourly rates to a model that aligns with the value provided to clients. He explains how to have effective value conversations, the benefits of pricing based on deliverables, and how to start a pilot project within a law firm. The discussion also covers common pushbacks, the psychological aspects of pricing, and the importance of creating a strong client experience. Watch to learn practical steps and get inspired to implement value-based pricing in your own practice.

The session covers:

  • Understanding value-based pricing
  • Real-world examples and ethical considerations
  • Implementing value-based pricing in your firm
  • Addressing common pushbacks
  • The importance of value conversations
  • Transition to roundtable discussion
  • Challenging traditional pricing models
  • Understanding client value perception
  • The courage to implement value pricing
  • Negotiation skills in legal education
  • Starting a value pricing pilot program
  • Creating quick wins and client selection
  • Implementing tiered pricing strategies
  • Addressing common concerns and mistakes
  • Global examples of innovative pricing
  • The Big Yellow Penguin
  • Change management