October 1, 2021

Using Imagery to Differentiate your Law Firm

We spoke with Marcus Ahmad about how to use imagery to differentiate your law firm. The discussion focuses on how to use photography to level up your practice and draw in more clients and cover:

  • Why is photography the perfect tool for marketing?
  • How photography can get across your company’s values
  • Use bespoke photography to remain authentic
  • How photography can separate yourself from the competition
  • How to find the right photographer or even have a go yourself.

Marcus has been a Fashion & Advertising photographer for over 20 years and now specializes in personal and business branding photography. Learn more about him at https://www.marcusahmad.com/

Interview Covers

  • Differences between B2C and B2B imagery
  • How firms are using imagery in marketing
  • Using stock and bespoke images together
  • 3 main areas for photography on your site
  • Examples - showing personality, gifs, headshots, architecture
  • Briefing the photographer
  • Diversity in photography
  • Photography in press releases
  • Social media post images

Roundtable Session Covers

  • Briefing tips and guidance
  • File formatting standard practice
  • Practice area pictures inspiration
  • Reusing photos
  • Creating intrigue
  • Helping people pick better photos
  • Copyright, licensing, budgeting