25 February, 2021

9:00 am (Singapore)
12:00 pm (Sydney)

Host: William McLaughlin (Asia-Pacific)

Get Productive & Stay Focused: Focus-30 Training Session

We’ve invited Deb Feder to the Roundtable for an intense and interactive 30-minute coaching session to help us get more productive and stay focused. During this session, you won’t just be listening, but following along with the tasks and getting more done in 30 minutes than you would have thought possible. 

Watch Deb talk about the Focus-30 session:

Deb Feder is a Business Development Coach and Consultant who helps lawyers and small business owners generate consistent clients through curious, confident conversations. This session is a part of her Focus30 membership, a work community that brings people together each week for 30 minutes of motivation, community, and massive productivity. 
Connect with her on LinkedIn and learn more at www.debfeder.com