2 July, 2021

9:00 am (Dubai)
1:00 pm (Singapore)
3:00 pm (Sydney)

Google Ads for Law Firms: For beginners with live demo

We will be speaking with Ethan Brooke and Kaushik Prakash about how to set up Google Ads for law firms. In this session, we’ll cover the basics of setting up a Google ad for your law firm, settings that work best for law firms, and we’ll do it all with a live demo walking you through each step.

Ethan is a writer, web designer, and professional photographer. He is also the founder of SeoulInspired, a Korean travel blog and Breathesafeair, an air quality and pollution education blog.

Kaushik is the founder of Valeo Legal Marketing, a consultancy helping law firms with lead generation through SEO. Based in Seoul, Kaushik is an internationally-oriented legal marketer with in-depth knowledge and experience in SEO.