10 August, 2021

12:00 pm (London)
3:00 pm (Dubai)
7:00pm (Singapore)

When is the right time to build a new website?

We will be speaking with David Sayce about how to know when you need a website update, preparing for a new website, and website migrations.

It’s easy to think about creating a new website, and maybe even to instruct a new agency on the work. But what if a pause is what’s needed first?

Come along to hear how slightly delaying your web build might just be the thing that means it gets delivered right, on time, first time.

David is a digital marketing consultant with 20 years of experience in everything from customer insights and brand awareness through to lead generation and conversation rate optimisation.He is now Digital Marketing Director at Paper Gecko, which helps businesses and professionals take control of their digital presence and present themselves in a way that inspires, impresses, and builds confidence in their products, and services.